As sure as night follows day, every momentous night on the tiles is followed by a trance-like awakening the next morning. We’ve all been there; lying in the afterglow of the excess and debauchery, as the morning sun pours into the bedroom, recounting the events of the previous evening, and while going over what little we remember a smirk slowly turns into a broad smile. A perfect Sunday morning.

What can make those perfect Sundays memorable are the women we share the night with and with whom we see the sun rise over the city the next morning.

It was on one such morning that one of our founders was awoken from his slumber to the smell of fresh coffee and the sight of a jaw-dropping beauty wearing nothing but his underwear. It was in that moment that an idea was born – the idea of creating a range of premium boxer shorts that would look exceptional on the floor and even better when worn by a beautiful woman!

Our story


Our story

Shopping for their own underwear has long been regarded as a chore by most men – an arduous act of necessity and one begrudgingly carried out several times a year. At GET AMBER, we believe that shopping for underwear should provide men with as much pleasure as women get shopping for theirs.

That belief is what lead us to found GET AMBER; a new and exciting brand dedicated to providing our customers with premium undergarments in eye-catching designs modelled by equally eye-catching women.

Made from materials of the utmost quality at an affordable, yet exclusive price, our aim is to provide you with the perfect underwear for any situation.


Created by a passionate team in the heart of Berlin, we are committed to producing premium cotton underwear to exceptionally high standards. Our products are made from finest fabric and entirely manufactured in Europe. They get delivered in our signature magnetic boxes right to your door. If our high standards nevertheless fall short of your expectations, then we will refund or replace your order within 30 days of purchase.

Our story, Berlin Underwear

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